Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Two Goats

There was a very narrow bridge connecting two high mountain tops. One day, a goat came along and wanted to go across the bridge to the other side of the mountain. The goat started walking over the narrow bridge. At the same time, another goat started crossing the bridge from the other end. The two goats came face to face in the middle of the bridge. As,the bridge was narrow, the two goats could not go past one another. The second goat spoke rudely to the first goat: "Get out of my way, you silly goat! I am in a hurry to go to the other side."
The first goat replied: "I was first to step on to the bridge and therefore I have the right to cross the bridge first."
The second goat replied angrily: "I am the strongest goat here. I have never lost a fight with other goats. Either you quickly get out of my way or else…!"
The two goats started fighting. Suddenly, the first goat said: "If we both fight like this we will fall down in the river and die. I have a better idea. Let me sit on this bridge with my head down so that you can slowly and carefully step over my back and cross over. I will then get up and be on my way." Thus, the two goats crossed the bridge safely.
Moral:- Better Bend Than Break.

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