Sunday, July 12, 2009

Safety Of Baby At Home

You'll be amused to see the way your baby will roam around your house inventing new things to play with. Enjoy motherhood but with a few precautions to take along the first year:
1) Kids can get their hands trapped between or under the doors. Do ensure that the door stoppers are properly grounded. Be careful while closing and opening the doors.
2) Children love to cover their heads with plastic bags. Never play any such game with them as they may try to imitate you when you are not around.
3) Always keep the bathrooms locked and also make sure that none of the buckets should be full of water in any of the bathrooms .
4) Remove any hanging or ropes that could get around the baby's neck.
5) Keep hot food and drinks out of kids reach.
6) Keep knife and other sharp objects out of kids reach or in locked drawers.
7) Keep medicines and cleaning agents away from kids reach.
8) Low level electric sockets are too dangerous as kids may try to get their fingers in it. Better to seal them with a packaging tape till your child is big enough.
9) Switch of the cylinder when not in use.
10) Ensure that your doors are always properly locked. Kids usually learn opening the doors very soon. And might run to open the door as soon as they hear the bell.
11) Always use a non-slip mat outside the bathroom.
12) Use a bed guard to prevent your baby fall from the bed or put padding on the floor next to the bed.
13) Don't hold your child and cook at the same time.
14) Fit a safety guard over the oven door.
15) Keep blow dryers, toasters, and other appliances unplugged and out of reach from the kid.
16) Never leave your child alone in a high chair.
17) Avoid using walkers near stairs.
18) Babies tend to take anything in their mouth so check their toys for small removable parts.
19) Always check bath water before bathing your baby.
20) Don't let him climb on furniture from which he can fall.


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