Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Writing Issues

Some children take time to write so try being very patient with them. There are alphabet and number stencils available at the market so try to get them practice with the help of stencils. Don't jump right away on alphabets and numbers. First let them scribble for 3-4 days with stencils and pencil and then colour it. Then start with simple lines such as sleeping and standing lines. Then a circle. Teach them to write in air, then water and finally on sand before starting with the basic. Let blossom your child's creativity through paintings, drawings and then writing will be really simple. The best would be to start with simple alphabets such as E..F..H..I..L..T.. And then go on the slanting such as A..K..M..N..V..W..X..Y..Z.. And lastly the curved lined alphabets such as B..C..D..G..J..O..P..Q..R..S..U.. Same with numbers. Don't push the child. Just relax. At first the child needs to trace the letters. Don't just start teaching him how to write letters with joining lines etc. Go slowly and enjoy the fun of learning with your little one.

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