Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Potty Training

Each child has different needs and may I also add that each mother different levels of patience...!!

For the sake of convenience, I would have packed my son full time in diapers, if not for my mother who insisted that babies should have some diaper-free time.. So at such times I took him to the toilet every hour or so.. And of course kids have their signal for bowel movement, so I made him sit on his baby seat and he knew what to do...

But let me say that accidents are bound to happen when you leave kids diaper or cloth-free, there is no guarantee that you Will reach the toilet in time!!! :-)...

If your child has a timing to have a bowel movement, then let him just do that in the potty. Preferably, you can make it a habit early in the morning.

For pee pee, try taking them every 1 hour for a week or two, they might get a hang of it. But I think, before 18 months, it's just a waste of your hard work. By the time, the kids are 1 and a half, they'll understand better, and if you try the pee pee training in potty then, they'll learn it faster. This is something I can say by experience.

So just chill and all the best to you Moms!!!


  1. You have a lovely blog here..
    Perhaps the toughest part of bringing up my child was potty training :D relieved I am now ..

  2. Thanks LG...
    Yes!.. I do agree with you... It's indeed the toughest part of parenting... I started potty training Umar when he was around 4 months old... And everyone in my family was surprised to see a 1 year old child using a potty seat by himself... It takes a lot of patience and little time... Believe me kids do learn very soon if we instill these qualities in them at an early age.


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