Sunday, July 12, 2009


1) Give your baby lots of fluids. It would be advisable to give soups. Chicken soup is the best option.
2) Mix a teaspoon of Ginger juice and honey each, Give this to the baby three times a day. It soothes the irritated throat and relieves cough.
3) Garlic and onion soup serves as an excellent remedy for cold as garlic has anti viral and anti bacterial properties.
4) When you take your baby to bed, apply vicks vapour rub on their chest, back. little bit on his nose and the bottom of his feet and then cover the feet with socks.
5) Crush 1 tablespoon of ajwain with your palms and tie it up in a thin kerchief. This can be used for inhalation to relieve nasal block in small children too. You can keep this tied bundle on the pillow while your baby sleeps. It's really effective.
6) Dilute one lemon in a glass of warm water. Add a teaspoon of honey to it. This should be taken once or twice daily.
7) Cardamom is also good for cold. It helps clear sore throat and make one feel better.
8)Warm water bath helps a lot during cold. Massage the baby with some eucalyptus oil so that it soothes his breathing during bath. Then take him to bathe. Just finish it fast and dry him quick.

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