Thursday, April 21, 2011

Concentration In Kids

3-6 year old children can only concentrate for maximum 10 seconds. In this age group, it would be ideal to teach them when they are playing or teach them using sing-a-long rhymes. For example, teaching numbers can be done by counting the cars parked in the lobby. Teaching alphabets can be done by using magnetic boards. Let them do more of colouring to get hold on the pencil. There are some cases when over pressurized to read and write the kids develop aversion for studying.

Confidence level in kids can be increased by praising and appreciating your child now and then for the good they do and for all their good qualities . Make them realize how proud you are being their parent. This is the age when we need to take care of their emotions and channelize it. In this age their attitude towards studies should be right. Otherwise with lot of burden they may loose interest in studies and to get it back is difficult for them. So we need to keep them focused and interested in new things.

Always appreciate your child's efforts and work at studies. Instead of saying ‘good’, try to say it in a positive way like I appreciate you tried at least. See you can do it. I'm proud of you.If you try, you can definitely do it. See you tried and you did it. Don't compare kids. Instead encourage and praise them for their individuality. Once they develop interest in studies, you can gradually go on increasing but don't ever underestimate or insult or in that matter even hurt your child if he fails to accomplish the given task at time.

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