Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to make your toddler sleep at night

Try to keep her awake after every feed given during the day time.That's a chance that when a baby is fed well, they go to sleep and then give us sleepless nights during the night. Have some activity time with the baby. Play with the baby to keep them awake. Still if the baby goes to sleep try to wake the baby up after 2 hours. The baby shouldn't be sleeping for more than that during day time. Wake your baby up gently by rubbing the baby's palm, singing to the baby, cuddling the baby or changing the baby's diaper. Don't rub the bay's feet while waking your baby up. The total amount of sleep your baby takes during the day should not be more than 5 hours. If your baby has had proper rest, she won't be troubling you at all. Establish a sleeping ritual for the baby. Doesn't matter how small the baby is. Just switch off the lights and turn on a baby soother or a musical toy for the baby. Always keep the sleep area separated from the playing area. The baby should understand that going to the bedroom means,"It's sleeping time" and to the play room indicates, "It's time for play and have fun. Try it out. I'm sure that it will work.

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