Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day - 21st June 2009

Father's day history:-

The idea of celebrating "Father's Day" originated in 1909 in Washington, America. Sonora Smart got this idea while listening to a Mother's Day sermon. She thought of a special day to honor her father, William Smart.

William Smart was widowed when his wife died while giving birth to their sixth child. William raised all the six children by himself. When Sonora grew into an adult, she realized the courage and selflessness shown by her father. Sonora's father was born in June, so she decided to celebrate the first Father's Day celebration on 19 June 1910.

President Calvin Coolidge, in 1924, supported the idea of a national Father's Day. The National Father's Day Committee was formed in New York City in 1926. A Joint Resolution of Congress recognized the Father's day in 1956. Then in 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father's Day. President Richard Nixon signed the law, which finally made it permanent in 1972.

A Tribute To My Dad Mr. Anjum Ali!!!

I lost my Father when I was around six year old. I always miss my Dad. At times, when I'm very happy and want to share my happiness with him, I miss him. At times, when I'm sad and want to cry holding him tight so that he could console me, I miss him. Sometimes, when things do not go the way I expect them to, I always wish that only if my Dad would have been here and everything would've been fine. I miss him again. Being a small kid at the time when he passed away, I have very few but precious memories of him with me. I feel that he's always with me to help me in times when I really need him. Just a thought of my Dad gives me strength in my sorrow. You are the best man in my life Papa. I loved you since I was a child, love you more today and will continue to love you till the end of my life. I'm proud to be your daughter. A daughter of a man who was always caring enough for the family, a man who was compassionate towards others, a man with a great sense of humour, a man with intellegence to lead a family, a man who was always faithful to my dearest Mom, a man who loved my Mom to the core so much that inspite of being 23 years old when my Dad passed away, my Mom never remarried but chose to be alone in his remembrance along with 6 of us kids. (My Mom was pregnant with my last sister when my Dad passed away.) In my opinion, these were all the qualities of an ideal man. The qualities all women would love to have in their life-mates. Dad! Happy Father's day to you once again.

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