Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Giving Attention To Your Baby

Most often parents wonder what is the right age for one to start sitting with the child for regular 1-2 hour of study. Whether they should start it from nursery onwards or start slowly till the age of 5-6. So, thought of discussing a few steps we parents should follow with all of you.

Kids (preschoolers) aged 2-4 years will find it difficult to sit for 1-2 hours studying. The best time given to teach them would be 15-25 minutes. This way even the kids will enjoy learning and won't find it a burden a study everyday. Start with small activities and shorter time limit. Do not force the kids to study for 1-2 hrs. at a stretch otherwise they won't be able to focus and learn after 25 minutes. and then you to will get stressed and things will get more complicated. The child will later cultivate a habit of making you happy that they are doing their work, but will start manipulating it. You can start the 15 minutes activity in intervals like 15 minutes in morning, 15 minutes in the afternoon and 15 minutes in the evening. But don't stretch it for long.

Don't ask the baby to sit still if he/she moves a lot. Let them study by the method they are comfortable in. They still learn by listening. Some kids can actually concentrate even when moving or running around. For my son, I find it the most best way to make him run around playing with me before we sit for studies. Then, I start with his favorite activity such as drawing or painting. This helps him to settle down and so he concentrates well.

Always appreciate your child's efforts and work at studies. Even if the child is wrong, say it in a better way :"No Baby! It's not this way but I appreciate that you try" And when they get it right say :"See, you can do it. I'm proud of you." Sometimes, kids do not like to study but these words of encouragement motivates them a lot.


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