Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Aid For Choking Baby

After hearing a shocking incident from my friend , I thought to share this with all of you.
Recently, my friend was on a vacation to her hometown. One morning, she was changing her son’s clothes when she sensed there is something in his mouth. She asked him to open his mouth as she saw something inside. She inserted her finger in his mouth and tried to pull it out. She was just trying to remove it but her son swallowed it. He started choking, so my friend started giving blows on his back and asked him to cough but he was choking and crying.
My friend called her mother-in-law and her husband. They rushed to the nearest pediatrician. On the way the child’s nose started bleeding a little, which made the family worry more. The pediatrician told whatever he has swallowed had reached the stomach. He advised to feed the child banana and it will come out next day in stool. The doctor also warned, “Never insert your finger and try hard to pull the object. It can push the object in the air pipe which will be fatal.” He told that the child’s nose had started bleeding due to the nails that might have caused some tear in the tissues.
They came back home and on the way bought banana but the child continuously cried for an hour. He refused to have banana, water or anything. The whole family felt restless and consulted an ENT specialist. They had a complete X-Ray done and the doctor confirmed there is no metal, glass or plastic found.. He said that it might be even hard food which might have digested. After 2 hrs the child was still crying continuously. One of the reasons might be due to shock. He might be thinking why his mom was beating him (blows on the back) or why everyone is coming to meet him?
He didn't have any food or water for the 1st day. The 2nd day he had no solid food and preferred lying on the bed. He was a very active child so this worried the family a lot. He sipped just some juice. The 3rd day, he was really weak. Meanwhile my friend and her hubby were in constant touch with the doctor but the doctor told that due to the tear in tissues he might be finding it difficult to eat or swallow. So, they just gave him some biscuits. On the 4th day he was still fussy but started eating and drinking.
Now he is doing fine and that object is still a mystery for all of us. But this experience taught a lesson to us.

All parents usually fear that someting drastic should not happen to the baby. With a toddler around, one has to constantly monitor if any crayon pieces, chalk pieces or fancy eraser are found lying scattered on the floor. I think it would be a wise idea to enroll in an infant first aid course. Small children can even choke on nuts, candies,grapes popkorns or sprouts etc. Chop them into pieces and also avoid giving it to them in your absence. Some times kids like to lie down with a pillow and eat while watching tv which is extremely dangerous. Things other than food items that can cause chocking hazards are balloons, toys with small parts (which can come of easily), coins, buttons etc.

Sometimes kids tend to put something in their nose as well. In India, there is an easy solution to this. Just give the kid "Naswaar" to smell and it will come out with a sneeze.


  1. Your friends experience was scary. I'm glad it turned out ok. Thanks for posting this very important information!


  2. What is Naswaar?


  3. Very nice and informative blog you have here. Good work! And I followed you to keep up with your post.

    It's really good to know these things when you need it. And to be brave enough to use it when it happen.

    See you around my friend.

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  5. @ Sherry: Yes! It was really like a nightmare that came true. Glad he recovered. God bless him. Thanks for visiting my blog. Do keep coming in for more.

  6. @ Mama Coyote: Thanks for visiting my blog. Naswaar means "NASAL SNUFF". Do keep coming in for more. Cheers!

  7. @ Steinar Arason: Thanks a lot for encouraging me. Your comments do motivate me a lot. Do keep coming in for more.

  8. @ HD: Thanks a lot for the lovely comments. You have a great blog yourself. Do keep coming in for more.

  9. Very nice post with great information.

  10. Thanks a lot Ron... Do keep coming in for more.

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