Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gifts For Newborn

* If you plan to buy clothes. I'd suggest getting clothes which can fit later on. As newborns get so many small size clothes that many go unused.
* A cradle or a baby cot is a good idea.
* Sippers, bottles, heat-resistant spoons, bibs, containers to store baby food, stacking and sorting toys, big plastic baskets with lids to store toys, baby mobiles to hang on the cot.
* I would not recommend stuffed toys for small kids as they accumulate a lot of dust.
* Diapers are the best gift according to me as they might be very useful.
* Rattles and musical toys.
* Also, a medical kit comprising of useful things such as a baby thermometer, baby monitor, bed size rubber sheets, feeding bowls, droppers etc can also be considered. When you give away this set, always accompany the gift with a tag such as "May god bless you with a long healthy & happy life dear "
* A thermos flask for storing warm water for the baby which can be used to prepare instant milk, a baby bag which has many separate compartments for storing food or bottles
* Baby blankets, baby support pillow or rocking chair.
* Soothing musical Cd's for infants.
* Baby bath tub, water squirts (bath time toys for babies), baby towels. (I prefer the hooded towels instead of the non-hooded ones.)
* Baby Wipes which is really useful when you are out with the baby and you need to clean your baby. They are purely hygienic and without any side effects for your babies skin.
* Sweaters, socks, mittens, shoes.
* Baby soap, Baby oil, Baby shampoo, Baby moisturizer and Baby lotion.
* Picture books (I'd prefer cloth books which are easily available nowadays.) Because as the baby grows up, they would love to watch images various kinds.


  1. You have some very helpful ideas here. I'm really enjoying your blog. It's very good!


  2. Good stuff and very useful tips.

  3. @ Sherry: Nice to know that you enjoy reading my blog. Do keep visiting on more related articles... Happy blogging!


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