Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swimming Safety For Children

  • First check if the pool is good and clean.

  • Before swimming, apply sunblock for kids. Banana Boat has a good sunscreen for babies. My sister had sent it for my son when he started swimming. It is tear free, water proof and SPF 50. Walgreen's Pharmacy has a good selection of sunblock for kids too.

  • Get your baby a set of swimming glasses and cap.

  • While swimming, keep reminding the baby not to swallow water intentionally. Keep monitoring your baby constantly while they are swimming. Do not leave them unattended in the pool even if they know to swim. Young children tend to forget things at time, no matter how perfect they are.

  • Give the baby a good shower with soap after swimming and do apply a moisturiser.


  1. This post brings up an excellent point and at a critical time of the year. I work with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and wanted to reach out about a website,, that I believe everyone should know about as we enter the summer months. Although we hope that all families have a safe and happy summer, we know that approximately 2.5 million children will be treated in an ER or hospitalized for an injury this summer. As such, our doctors call the summer “Trauma Season.” As scars begin to heal and crutches are finally put aside, many parents naturally focus on their child’s physical injury and can overlook the fact that a full recovery is both mental and physical for their kids. is an important tool for parents as they help their child deal with the whole injury and care for their child’s emotions along with their wounds. The website provides a wealth of information from cast care tips, to helping kids with their emotional reactions to injury, to how to take care of yourself, as a parent, when your child is injured.

  2. Your blog reminds me of my final year project in my collage years....i did safety about children at home....I like ur blog lots of information and songs...keep up the good work

  3. @ Michelle: Thanks! is truly an informative site. I did visit it and found the article "Measure your childs's emotional needs" quite interesting. Will be visiting often. Cheers!!!

  4. @ Deviki: Thanks! Do keep visiting for various new topics.

  5. Glad you liked it... Thanks for dropping by, commenting and encouraging me :)


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