Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Teaching Kids

Teaching kids is a tedious job. Something more difficult than teaching adults. I remember I used to give tuition's to three cute kids named Rushi, Vedang and Rutva. Oh... my god ! Within two hours of stipulated time, I remember that usually I had been asked numerous unwanted questions. For example, Miss, should I sharpen my pencil? I answered 'yes'. The moment I answered, another question raised. Miss, where should I put this unwanted pencil material, here on paper or there in dustbin? I said, go put this into the dustbin. Another question raised again. Miss, should I do learn spellings or question & answers first. I said, question & answers. Next question raised, should I do it from the text book or from the note book. I answered, note book. Very next question, Should I copy the answer from Rushi as my teacher has not given yet, or my classwork has been taken for correction in school. I answered, copy it from him fast. Further, they asked, but if our answers given by school teachers differ from each other then. I said, doesn't matter as long as the answer is the right one. Then, they ask, Miss, 'May I drink water.' I said, OK. Then comes the next, 'Can I do my school homework first'. I said, 'No'. They yelled that it was important because they needed to submit it. Finally, I said, OK. Then comes, 'Can we go to the toilet'. I agree. When they return back from toilet, they hint me towards the wall watch which makes me realise that I have already spent 15 minutes more than allotted one. By the time I could have said anything, they already solutions. Miss, give us this in Home Work. I have no other option than to agree with them. Tomorrow, more or less same story. Their unwanted questions used to be in so perpetuity that many of times, I baffled. Several times I used to get so angry that I found my self helpless. I couldn't be able to yell at them because they were so cute that the moment I used to see their adorable faces, my voice used to come down along with smile at my lips. Actually, they were cutie pies. I must say that I was loving them so much that missed them during holidays. Therefore friends! I must tell you that teaching kids is most difficult one. "An established fact !" Thanks to this blog, which made me recall this experience and share it with all.

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