Friday, July 31, 2009

Deworming For Kids

Kids get easily infected than adults. Once the baby has started to eat solid foods, deworming becomes necessary. You should not delay this as it is really an important prescription.

Children having worms usually don’t eat properly, eats properly but there is no weight gain, bites their nails, making noise with teeth while sleeping, restless while sleeping, Bad breath, eating too much sweets etc.

For my son, the doctor prescribed Zentel suspension. It's a 10ml bottle. He asked us to give 5ml first and then after 15 days we have to give balance 5ml. It is recommended for every 6 months.

I also used to give a big spoon of raw papaya juice with honey added to it to my son early morning on an empty stomach.

But do consult your pediatrician for the right medicine. Do not take medicines directly from the pharmacy without your doctor’s prescription.

Important Hygiene Tips:

· Make a habit in your little ones to wear slippers all the time at home and even in bathrooms.

· Ensure that your bathroom is in proper condition before the baby uses it and clean it well after your baby comes out again.

· Wash hands with soap after using the bathroom, before and after eating food & when your baby comes from outdoors.

· Ensure that your baby does not take any household items or toys in the mouth


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