Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday Party Preparation

You should decide on a menu which has less spicy things and relished by kids a lot. Kids love finger foods a lot like french fries, corn fritters, Bread rolls, spring rolls, cutlets, Aloo Bonda, Sabudana Vada etc.
A menu which I suggest:-
1) Serve Colorful idli's (use spinach for green color, carrot / tomato ketchup / tomato puree for red color, and the usual one. Kids will definitely love it.)

2) Serve small pieces of dhokla (white or yellow but less spicy)

3)French Fries / Garlic Bread / Potato wedges.

Main Course:
1) Aloo tikki with choley (very mild spicy) OR choley bhature

2)Dahi vada with sweet tamarind chutney and green chutney OR Bhel puri

Cake (Will be there, of course)
And you can also serve Fruit custard / Ice-cream / Gulab jamuns / Kheer

Soft drinks / Tang / Mango milk shake / Chiku milk shake / Chocolate milk shake

Themes, Decoration And Games for the party:-

For girls:
1) Princess: Dress your baby up in a beautiful gown and make her wear a tiara. Decorate the room very royally with white ribbons and make a castle in front of your door with chart papers. According to the theme, you can have a game such as treasure hunt and hide a bag of chocolate coins etc. And the kids have to search them with the help of the clue you give. The winner gets the bag of goodies plus the reward.

2) Butterfly: Dress your baby in a colourful gown and tuck a wing behind her. Decorate the room with lots of flowers and butterflies. According to the theme, hide candies wrapped with foil paper everywhere before the party begins. Give each of the kids a bag and tell them that as butterflies they should get the nectar (candies). The winner gets the candies they collect plus the reward.

3) Fairy: Dress your baby in a white gown and tuck a wing behind her and give her a wand to hold. Decorate the room with lots of sparkle, glitter, flowers and butterflies. Use lots of ribbon in pink and purple. Musical chairs is the best game for this theme.

For boys:
1) Superhero: Dress your son in his favourite superhero outfit. For ex. Spiderman, Superman, Batman. etc. Decorate the room with lots of superheroes posters and comic cut-outs. Stick a large superhero sticker on the main door. According to the theme, have lots candies in several jars and place them at the table. (Equal quantity in each.) The one who eats the maximum number of candies in two minutes wins.

2) Harry Potter: Dress your son like Harry Potter in a coat-pant and a hat. Decorate the room with dark orange and black ribbons. Stick owl, ghost, goblins, creatures, wizards etc. posters all over. Use lots of sparkling stars and moons etc. Have a quiz contest like small trivia and the person who answers the maximum wins.

3) Jungle Safari: Dress your son in his favourite jungle attire. For ex. Tarzan, George of the jungle, Mowgli or his favourite animal etc. For the decoration, use a lot of green ribbons and lots of balloons. If you can, spread and stick some leaves or string of them on the walls and the floor as well. Stick lots of animals pictures everywhere. And have a beautiful animal banner saying “WELCOME” on your main door. Give each child a poster of an animal and tell them to say three things about the animal and the one who say it well will be the winner.

Return Gifts:
When kids come to a birthday party they usually get gifts. But, they are kids of course and they love getting gifts wrapped up and all. So, happy to receive gifts that even a small wrapped up pen is precious to them. But when they gift their packs to the birthday boy/ girl, somewhere they feel, “Oh! I could have kept this toy for myself.”

By giving a return gift, I feel the kids in return feel happy to see that they too have a gift now. Hence, I do love the idea of return gifts.

For Infants Below 1 Year:
Feeding Sets / Cups and spoons / Rattles

For 1 -2 Years:
Small Musical toy / Picture Book

For 3 Years And Above:
Colouring books and crayons / Pencil box / Clay dough / Poster colours / Story books / Toys / Stickers / Watches / Small bags / Chocolates etc.


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