Sunday, August 23, 2009

Travelling With A Toddler

You can’t really depend on flight attendants to take care of your baby when you are travelling by plane. Travelling is a bit difficult to travel with toddlers as they are quite restless.
· It would be better to take the baby’s seat instead of taking them on your lap.
· Do take some boiled water with you.
· Keep few of the baby’s clothes with you in your hand bag.
· Nappy, Baby wipes, rash cream, bibs, lots of napkins and extra diapers etc. should be carried in your hand bag.
· Do carry some of your kid’s toys which they like. (of course, the ones which you can carry in the hand bags)
· Some story books so that you can distract the baby if they are restless.
· Carrying some stuff like crayons and color pencils is also a good idea as at this age kids are easily distracted with these things.
· Also do carry food and milk for your little one. (You can carry up to 1 litre of milk in small bottles of 200 ml or less if it is a long distance journey. If you plan to ask for milk on the flight, do request for milk in advance as it is refrigerated so that it comes t to normal temperature by the time you have to feed your baby.)
· Kids also feel the pressure during take-off and landing and feel all the more restless if you hold their ears tight. So try to give them something to suck or chew on while take-off and landing. (Bottle feeding them if they drink milk is an excellent option)
· Carry important medicines for fever, cough, cold etc.
· Carry warm clothes as you may need them during the flight.
· Also carry a hand sanitizer as it’s really important.
Hope this helps. Have a happy and safe journey.


  1. very interesting and informatvie

  2. This video just brought to mind how our children were encouraged to cook and share the cooking while they were grwoing up. Some meals were just great ...others, Oh well never mind, they did eventually get it right.

    Celebrate Life

  3. Very informative. I will definitely tell my sister who has a 2yr old kid about this :D

  4. Thanks, for this post. I will tell my cousin sis regarding this as she has a 18 months kid.

  5. @ Lorre: Thanks for visiting my blog.... Happy blogging...

  6. @ Shabnam: Thank you very much.


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