Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bed-Wetting In Children

Bed-wetting is commonly found in almost all kids. I have seen children who are toilet-trained for the daytime but usually bed-wet at night. There are some medicines prescribed for kids to stop this habit. But, I would not recommend this.
Try to make a habit to take your child to the toilet every night before sleeping. Get up once in the night, (you could set an alarm to wake you up) and take the baby once again to the toilet. It will definitely, be quite difficult in the beginning, because the kids will be fast asleep and could get a bit irritated. Even you will find it difficult in the beginning to wake up in the middle of the night. But, remember it's only till he adapts the habit of doing so himself.
When you take your kid to the bed, sit next to him and explain lovingly that it's bad manners to bed-wet. And tell him/her to wake you up once they feel like doing so. Do not make them feel ashamed if they do so. Rather, keep explaining again and again.
I had practised this in the same manner with my son. And after getting him to sleep, I would once again quietly whisper in his ears, "My Umar is a big boy. He will not bed-wet instead he will wake up Mom if he wants to go to the toilet". And, somehow it worked for me.
Some people say that kids should not be given anything to drink at least two hours before sleeping. But, I disagree. All kids are different. Some learn soon and some take a little while to do so. Hope this will help you all.


  1. II am still potty-training my 2 1/2 year old, I was not even thinking about bed-wetting. Now I feel kinda nervous for the later stages, I know he could be potty-trained right now if he really wanted to, I just think he is being lazy(:

    I know this is random, but this is a funny story I thought you might enjoy about him sleeping the other day(:

  2. Hey Kimberly...

    Try showing Isaac this video :-

    It might help him to learn to go to potty all by himelf... I do agree that he might be feeling a bit lazy.. Some kids usually do that but don't stop trying ..

    Isaac is such a cute little child... Children usually spend most of the time with their parents and look up to them as role models... Somehow knowingly or unknowingly they imitate their parents.

    Don't worry about bed-wetting and issues related to them now.. As of now, just relax and concentrate on potty training... I'm sure, You'll do fine...

  3. Thanks for spending your valuable time reading my blog and posting your views...


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