Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Two Pots

There were two pots, one of brass and one of clay. One day because of tide they both fell in the river and went along with the stream.
The brass pot was afraid that the clay pot may break down. So, the brass pot said, “ Do not fear. Come close to me clay pot. And I will take you safely to the shore. “
“Thanks a lot for trying to help me. But if I do come close to you and by mistake, I hit you or you hit me, I will break down. So, it’s better that we swim at some distance so that we are safe.”, said the clay pot.

Moral:- Over-powerful Friends May Sometimes Cause Harm.


  1. Love the story, a great moral, although friends are so important!

  2. Yes you are right... Thanks for droppng by.... Do keep coming in for more.


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