Monday, June 29, 2009

Kid's Safety

My friend just narrated this incident to me in the morning over the phone which shocked me and made me think a lot over it. So, I'm back here to share the incident and the safety measures to be taken to prevent it with you.
Yesterday, my friend's daughter aged 4 yrs. got down from the school bus without any one's knowledge on her way back when the conductor was dropping another child. Leaving behind her school bag and water bottle in the bus. When the bus reached her house, to every one's astonishment the girl was missing and only her school bag and water bottle was lying there. My friend was stunned.
In the meantime, the girl was found playing in another park which was owned by the society members there. A lady noticed that the baby is alone without any elderly person. So, she went up to the girl and started asking many questions. Generally, all kids have an identity card with them. But unfortunately, that day she had forgotten to wear it.
The girl could only tell her school name. So, the kind lady drove her back to the school. The school authorities then called up my friend who went up to the school happily and picked her up.
It's really very easy to curse the driver, conductor or the whole school... But the thing is it happened to her... It can happen to anyone...
As parents, have we taken the responsibility to teach our kids to handle a situation when they get lost? Have we told them not to speak to strangers or accept anything from them? Have we taught our kids the basics - name, address, phone number, father's name, mother's name or father's occupation and name of his organisation?
It's very important for all mother's to start teaching the kids their home and cell numbers, when the kid is 2.5 yrs. old itself. Kids generally memorise things soon if repeated in front of them or with them several times. And as they grow older, teach them home and office addresses too. For parents whose kids do not not speak or have not yet learnt, I would advise to slip a piece of paper having your child's name and phone numbers with addresses in his/her pocket always when going to school or out with you.
Also, explain to kids that cops are meant to help the society and help us in difficult situations. Maintain a habit of talking to your kid about his daily activity. Like:"How was your day today?"or"What did you do in school" etc. When kids get adapted to this routine they will themselves let you know the daily happenings in their life.
If, we take these simple measures, it will just help the kid face the situations properly.

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