Monday, July 6, 2009

Bonding With Your Kid

To develop good bonding between you and your kids, you have to spend quality time with them. For example, let me share some activities that might help you know your little one better as well as have fun time together.
Read books to your little one. I have been reading and singing to my son ever since he was born. Children love hearing stories and you'll be amused to see how attentively they listen to them.
Play hide-and-seek, ring-a ring-a roses and bat-ball.
Give them a board to write on and watch them quietly. Children just love scribbling.
Take your baby outdoors with his/ her cycle. Watch them cycling while you walk along.
Watch or listen nursery rhymes with the baby and sing-a-long with them. Do this with actions and expressions and you'll find the baby enjoying it the most.
During bath, you can play together. Put him/her in the bath-tub and with some bath-time toys and enjoy their bubble bath splashing water at each other.
Give him some chapati dough and let him make some creations with it while you watch. This is a good exercise to develop fine motor skills too. But do not leave the kid alone while doing so because they might take the dough in their mouth.
Get some puzzle games and have a good time getting things set and then removing them again.
Moms do try this and give me your valuable comments. Best of luck!!!

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